On October 30, 2017

Why Do Companies Make Counter Offers?

Companies have a bottom line… and this is business.  While most of our client companies would love to have endless funds to pay top of the market salaries for their employees, this is often not reality.  They work to secure the best talent for market costs.  The challenge is knowing what market value actually is
On October 13, 2017

Why Do Employees Accept or Reject Counter Offers?

Many of my candidates take an interview or explore other opportunities for a reason.  It could be job dissatisfaction, lack of career growth, seeking an increase in compensation, management changes or uncertainty, corporate culture, or a number of other things.  There are multiple parts of the interview process and lots of emotions.  For many, change
On September 29, 2015

JR Associates Group Launches New Website

JR Associates Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at www.jrassociates.com.  The new website has been developed and designed following extensive candidate and client consultation to create an overall user friendly experience.  It offers a more streamlined experience for site visitors with simplified navigation and immediate access to open jobs.  The launch, falls on the coattails of