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What People Say About Us

"Your firm does what other recruiting firms claim to do and don't....you took the time to really learn our needs and wants, our culture, and our challenges.  By doing so, the quality of your work shows through and differentiates you from the rest."

VP Sales, Telecommunications Industry

"Through your rigorous methodology and process, it is no wonder you are
successful.  You took us and your candidates through our paces, and we are
all the better for it."

Marketing Manager, Leading Internet Services Provider

"No recruiter ever showed the interest in my welfare that your folks did at JR Associates.  It was much appreciated.  Your understanding of the client, the work they wanted me to accomplish, and the candidate preparation was outstanding.  Thank you so much."

Programmer Candidate

"I have never worked with a recruiter before that provides as much information and does as much market research as your firm.  Even if you are
not able to place me, I know I will land on my feet soon, and it is JR Associates that I will engage for my staffing needs."

CTO Candidate

"I have worked with recruiters on both the candidate and hiring sides, but never have I learned more about the process good recruiters should be using than with your firm.  It is no surprise to me that your business enjoys a high retention rate of hires and clients."

CEO, Leading Distribution Industry Leader

"I can't thank you enough for your help in facilitating the process for me. I absolutely would not be here if had you not put in the extra efforts, after hours work on the 4th of July, and more.  Thanks!"

In all my years of work (since 1968) I have never taken a job through a recruiter.  You've really helped me along and I appreciate all you've done.

Sr Sales Exec, eCRM Products Company

"Although I have worked with recruiters before, I have never ultimately located and secured a position through one. I want to thank you for your effort and persistence in my case. You are courteous and friendly on the telephone, and my ambition towards this position was apparently all the incentive you needed to call some shots for me. I appreciate your work!"

Senior Field Application Engineer (FAE), VoIP DSP Company

"Thanks for all your assistance. This is the first time I've decided to utilize a job placement agency, my experience has been great with all your help." 

Senior Embedded Engineer -- VoIP DSP Company

817 Linslade Street, Unit A - Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: (301) 355-8094