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Who We Are

We are highly trained professional staffing consultants engaged in full time, permanent placement staffing to the Information Technology and business worlds. We employ a high level of professionalism in attitude, function and ethics. Our Client-Employers include Fortune 1000/2000 companies as well as fast emerging growth firms. Key benefits: we ensure a solid "return on investment" for our Client-Employers; and we also provide our Candidates "the opportunity to advance from a job to a career."

Our mission since December 1981:  Building companies by placing successful people in key positions. To accomplish this, we understand our role is to serve the needs of our Candidates and Client-Employers to provide and ensure credible to highly credible matches.

Our Philosophy:

  • To utilize a solid business foundation based upon integrity - we listen; we serve
  • To provide a higher level of service to Candidates and Client-Employers alike than most other search and placement firms
  • To focus on "career placement," not job placement, thus assuring both our Client-Employers and our Candidates a "Win-Win" for the long term
  • To listen to the needs and wants of Candidates & Client-Employers alike
  • To perform services that assure our Client-Employers a strong return on their investment
  • To consistently provide a proven methodology for success
  • To build long term relationships with the clientele we serve
  • To be professional: All Candidates and Client-Employers are treated professionally and with dignity

817 Linslade Street, Unit A - Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: (301) 355-8094